[Marxism] A Bankrupt LA Times and Sam Zell's Donations to Rahm Emanuel

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 9 08:48:57 MST 2008

An NPR report today says that the MIAMI HERALD is up for sale
by its owners, the McClatchy chain. We already know that these
publications are morally and politically bankrupt, and now we
see they are financially-bankrupt as well. Will the people of
the United States be asked to bail out these newspapers now?

The worst day of the week for me is on Sunday when I have to
sort through what comes in, the overwhelming majority of which
is commercial advertising in which I have somewhere between 
little and zero interest. Newspaper delivery more and more is
aimed at putting advertising in the hands of the readership. 

One new trick is to cover the paper with a plastic ad-covered
sleeve. Another type is the oddly-cut advertisement obscuring 
one's view of the front page, which you have to remove by
hand (unlike all those advertising sections which can simply
be dropped neatly into the garbage. 

Socialism for the rich, austerity for the rest of us who will
be asked to help pay for the maintenance of the propaganda and
advertising medium which publications like the LA Times and the
Chicago Tribune and the rest of them represent. It's bad enough
the poor letter carriers have to bring us all the advertising
crap which is sent out at cheaper rates than first-class letters.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
A Bankrupt LA Times and Sam Zell's Donations to Rahm Emanuel
by: Matt Stoller
Mon Dec 08, 2008 at 17:09

So the debt-laden Tribune Company, owner of the LA Times and Chicago 
Tribune, went bankrupt; that's not a surprise, the newspaper business is 
in dire straights and this company has been in trouble for years.  But 
the details here are fascinating.  The Tribune took on most of its debt 
recently, in a transaction taking the company private put forward by 
billionaire conservative Sam Zell, who is widely known in media reform 
circles as one of the single worst influences on media policy in the 

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