[Marxism] Free Governor Blagojevich!

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 16:41:21 MST 2008

	In a disgusting display of the hypocrisy of the capitalist state,
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested and perp-walked into federal
court charged with corruption.

	Blagojevich's "crime"? 

	Offering President-Elect Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder,
mostly, plus a few dozen more similar applications of free markets
principles to the public's business.

	Now, you may think Old Blago did the dirty deed the traditional way
-- by scheduling an election so that whoever had the most money to fool more
voters than the other guy would win. WRONG!

	In this internet-age of disintermediation, Blago actually innovated,
offering to sell the seat directly, without bothering with an election. And,
appropriately again for our age, Blago made his offers through electronic
communications, in what some analysts are calling "a desperately needed
boost for you-hear," the audio-only youtube competitor that promises to do
to youtube what radio did to TV. 

	As for no election, "cutting out the middleman" is a tried and true
business strategy that is good for consumers, as it lowers prices. In fact,
it looks like Blago almost succeeded in letting the seat go for a pittance
--a million or two at most-- quite a lot less than even the cost of an
embarrassingly also-ran Senatorial campaign in Illinois. 

	A fringe benefit is that consumers won't be distracted by political
messages during the busy holiday shopping season. 

	I know some people blame greedy but clueless capitalists for the
panic that's disrupted financial markets world-wide, but me, I blame the
millions of Obama-ites, both fat cat plutocrats and "little people" donors
of less than $200, for allowing Obama for America and its front groups, like
the DNC and the congressional campaign committees, to buy out just about
every last second of advertising time through early November, and not only
that, but monopolizing the news so much that most people don't even KNOW
there are new versions of the iPod and Zune out there, and the traditional
heart-warming Christmastime reports on the video game console wars this year
have been displaced by news of Obama appointments. 




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