[Marxism] Dorothy Day: Away with all gods

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 17:33:28 MST 2008


J Rothermel regales us with the forward of a 75-year-old-article by the
Papist stalinoid Dorothy Day: 

*  *  *

And then there is the case of the boy who lived across the street from me on
East Fifteenth Street, between Avenue A and First Avenue, a peaceable
Communist youth who was killed a few months ago when a Trotskyite sought to
break up a Communist street meeting by hurling bricks from the roof of an
adjoining house. For the last six months I had lived in this old
German-Irish neighborhood just across from where this boy lived, and after
his death I heard a great deal about him.

He had for years been the support of his invalid mother, his unemployed
father, and his schoolgirl sister. The day his body was taken away, the
German and Irish neighbors gathered in front of their stoops and spoke of
him with hushed voices and heavy tears in their eyes.

"He was a good boy, so steady and so clean."

"He took such care of his family, and him so young." " He used to come into
my shop for milk every morning. So polite he was! Such a nice way of
talking! "

*  *  *


This isn't an atheist screed, it's one urging the Papists to prey upon the

Lest we forget, Dorothy Day spent most of her life pimping for a bizarro
cult whose central "sacrament" is ritualized cannibalism, which the true
believers believe to be true cannibalism, and specifically eating the flesh
and drinking the blood of one Jesus Christ, bastard offspring of the
coupling of the "Holy Ghost" with the "virgin" Mary, a tale of incest and
cuckoldry where God "the Father" is not the father, and God "the son" is his
own father, since God is indivisible, and God "the Holy Ghost" plays the
part of the satyr.

But let that pass, because, as the tale is told, it's God the Father that's
the real bastard. Faced with the prospect of his "only begotten son" (though
it was really the Holy Spirit that did the begetting) being framed up and
executed, he lifts up not a finger to prevent it, or even allow his son to
defend himself. Entirely consistent with His record, I might add, since he
was happy to punish all the Egyptians for the crimes of the Pharaohs and did
not flinch at genocide and ecocide, covering the entire surface of the
planet with water for 40 days and 40 nights. 

According to skypilots like Dorothy Day and her ilk, God is all knowing, all
powerful, all wise, but nevertheless insists on allowing children to starve
by the millions and reserves for adults such blessings as heart disease,
cancer and AIDS, not to mention imperialism and war. 

And despite all this we are assured God "loves us" and are urged not just to
"love him" back, but to *worship* this psychopathic genocidal obscenity as
out natural superior, our "Lord and Master."

Well, fuck that shit.

I'm with Hatuey, the Indian Chief and spiritual father of the Cuban nation,
who refused Baptism as he was tied to the stake to be burnt because he
didn't want to go to a "heaven" set up by the likes of the God of the


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