[Marxism] Dorothy Day: Away with all gods

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 18:01:10 MST 2008

to respond to a reference about Dorothy Day in a such
fashion is not only outrageous, but inaccurate and 
reflects lack of political seriousness.  What about 
Oscar Romero who was killed by fascist death squads
or the Salvadorean Nuns killed at that time also?  How 
about the Berrigans?

Dorothy Day was the leader of the Catholic Worker
movement that fought for the working class and the 
poor and against imperialist war.  She was great and I can say as an agnostic
and someone raised in a "low church" protestant environment 
where "papist" was a cognizable epithet, Dorothy Day was a great
human being, and a credit for what for she stood for unlike those supposed leftists who 
have disparaged in such a vulgar and thuggish manner whose rant is a Stalinist
like caricature of ultraleft "anarchists and trotskyites" Shame!

> WTF???
> This isn't an atheist screed, it's one urging the Papists to prey upon the
> Stalinists. 
> Lest we forget, Dorothy Day spent most of her life pimping for a bizarro
> cult whose central "sacrament" is ritualized cannibalism, which the true
> believers believe to be true cannibalism, and specifically eating the flesh
> and drinking the blood of one Jesus Christ, bastard offspring of the
> coupling of the "Holy Ghost" with the "virgin" Mary, a tale of incest and
> cuckoldry where God "the Father" is not the father, and God "the son" is his
> own father, since God is indivisible, and God "the Holy Ghost" plays the
> part of the satyr.

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