[Marxism] Dorothy Day: Away with all gods

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 9 18:22:43 MST 2008

Joaquin doesn't know much about Dorothy Day.
According to his description of Dorothy Day:

"Lest we forget, Dorothy Day spent most of her life pimping for a bizarro
cult whose central "sacrament" is ritualized cannibalism, which the true
believers believe to be true cannibalism, and specifically eating the flesh
and drinking the blood of one Jesus Christ, bastard offspring of the
coupling of the "Holy Ghost" with the "virgin" Mary, a tale of incest and
cuckoldry where God "the Father" is not the father, and God "the son" is his
own father, since God is indivisible, and God "the Holy Ghost" plays the
part of the satyr.

The facts, however, are rather different.

Dorothy Day was a strong supporter of the
Cuban Revolution, even though she was also
a completely committed Roman Catholic. 

Some people have trouble with contradictory
belief systems, but not everyone has such
difficulties. That's why the Cuban CP today
allows people to join it when they formerly
forbade that because they'd thought before
that believers would have divided loyalties.

Check out what Dorothy Day thought about the
Cuban Revolution (excerpt, but link to more):

We are certainly not Marxist socialists nor do we believe in violent
revolution. Yet we do believe that it is better to revolt, to fight,
as Castro did with his handful of men, he worked in the fields with
the cane workers and thus gained them to his army--than to do

We are on the side of the revolution. We believe there must be new
concepts of property, which is proper to man, and that the new
concept is not so new. There is a Christian communism and a Christian
capitalism as Peter Maurin pointed out. We believe in farming
communes and cooperatives and will be happy to see how they work out
in Cuba. We are in correspondence with friends in Cuba who will send
us word as to what is happening in religious circles and in the
schools. We have been invited to visit by a young woman who works in
the National Library in Havana and we hope some time we will be able
to go. We are happy to hear that all the young people who belong to
the sodality of our Lady in the U. S. are praying for Cuba and we too
join in prayer that the pruning of the mystical vine will enable it
to bear much fruit. God Bless the priests and people of Cuba. God
bless Castro and all those who are seeing Christ in the poor. God
bless all those who are seeking the brotherhood of man because in
loving their brothers they love God even though they deny Him.



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     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
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