[Marxism] Dorothy Day: Away with all gods

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 19:55:59 MST 2008

Tom Cod writes, "'Socialism and Religion' by Lenin is an excellent overview
of this issue which cautions against the ultraleft attitudes express here
sometimes and which, ironically, the Stalinists fell into in Russia in the
30s further alienating the peasants from the Soviet regime."

Yes, it is an excellent and very useful article. However, it is hardly a
guide to action or discussion within THIS list, dedicated to discussions
AMONG MARXISTS. Here the question is NOT an ultraleft, unmaterialist
approach in combating religion among the masses, but preserving the core
humanism of Marxism, i.e., its *militantly* atheist stance.

You presented a three-quarters-of-a-century-old piece of Stalinist/Papist
propaganda AS IF it were in some way positive. I say that because, unlike,
for example, some comment or article on current events that might have
useful information or even just points that it would be useful to discuss
how to counter, the sole content of the Dorothy Day piece, apart from the
LIES about the murderous "Trotskyite" hurling bricks, is just unadulterated
RC propaganda from a bygone era. What were we supposed to make of your
action in posting that here?

Having been raised a Catholic, I am very much aware that Catholicism is not
just some harmless superstition, and responded appropriately.


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