[Marxism] Sign of the times -- UN Vote Tomorrow Should Show Us

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Tue Dec 9 20:26:39 MST 2008

I encourage comrades on this list, who do not keep up with Gay and Lesbian Rights Issues
To Check the vote expected on 12/10, or 12/11 by the UN General Assembly on
their voting to support Gay & Lesbian rights resolution - in accordance with the founding
UN Declaration of Human Rights (San Francisco 1945)
I saw yesterday a number of nations who had signed on as sponsors to support this resolution.  
The GW Bush United States government refused to sign on.  Please note how other nations will 
also vote on this - and it should settle some doubts of those who keep stating on this list - what
nations are for and against Gay & Lesbian rights.
There will be no excuses or questions - on how nations vote on this resolution.
If an ambassador or other government representative issues their reasons for not
voting in the affirmative or for voting opposed - you should also be able to find that
on the United Nations website, or through Gay groups that focus on internationalism.
I will await to hear a response from those on this list who may have some justification
for a NO Vote from some nations!  It will be interesting to view their creative wordings
to justify prejudice.  Stay Tuned...........
John O'Brien
Los Angeles
 > From: jbustelo at gmail.com> Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 22:09:45 -0500> Subject: [Marxism] Sign of the times -- open season on gay immigrants> To: causecollector at msn.com> > Or rather, immigrants believed to be gay.> > * * *> > http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/10/nyregion/10assault.html?ref=nyregion> > The two brothers from Ecuador had attended a church party and had stopped at> a bar afterward. They may have been a bit tipsy as they walked home in the> dead of night, arm-in-arm, leaning close to each other, a common tableau of> men in Latino cultures, but one easily misinterpreted by the biased mind.> > Suddenly a car drew up. It was 3:30 a.m. Sunday, and the intersection of> Bushwick Avenue and Kossuth Place in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a half-block from> the brothers' apartment, was nearly deserted - but not quite. Witnesses, the> police said, heard some of what happened next.> > Three men came out of the car shouting at the brothers, Jose and Romel> Sucuzhanay - something ugly, anti-gay and anti-Latino. Vulgarisms against> Hispanics and gay men were heard by witnesses, the police said. One man> approached Jose Sucuzhanay, 31, the owner of a real estate agency who has> been in New York a decade, and broke a beer bottle over the back of his> head. He went down hard.> > Romel Sucuzhanay, 38, who is visiting from Ecuador on a two-month visa,> bounded over a parked car and ran as the man with the broken bottle came at> him. A distance away, he looked back and saw a second assailant beating his> prone brother with an aluminum baseball bat, striking him repeatedly on the> head and body. The man with the broken bottle turned back and joined the> beating and kicking.> > "They used a baseball bat," said Diego Sucuzhanay, another brother. "I guess> the goal was to kill him."> > At least five calls were made to 911. As police sirens wailed in the> distance, the assailants, described only as black men by the police, jumped> into their maroon or red-orange Honda sport utility vehicle and sped away.> Jose Sucuzhanay was declared brain dead on Tuesday after suffering extensive> brain damage and skull fractures, according to law enforcement officials. He> was kept on life support at Elmhurst Hospital Center, while his family> decides whether to donate his organs, a law enforcement official said.> > [snip]> > > ________________________________________________> YOU MUST clip all extraneous text when replying to a message.> Send list submissions to: Marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu> Set your options at: http://lists.econ.utah.edu/mailman/options/marxism/causecollector%40msn.com

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