[Marxism] UFPJ: Join Obama House Parties to Build the Peace Movement!

Michael Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Tue Dec 9 21:14:07 MST 2008

The following is being circulated by NYC United for Peace and Justice to
encourage intervention by anti-war activists in activities being organized
by Obama supporters around the country (these house parties also came up
at the universal health care meeting last Sunday, here in NYC). Unless we
are too purist to contaminate ourselves by contact with -- gasp! --
democrats, this is exactly how, where and when we should approach those
activated by the Obama candidacy. Moreover, -- I believe I'm with Mark,
Joaquin and Fred on this one -- the best approach at these meetings would
NOT be to attack Obama, but to keep our eyes on the prize(s). Persuasive
arguments about exactly what is needed in terms of the wars, in terms of
the economic crisis, immigration, police violence, etc. Sure, if the
question of Obama's appointments comes up, deal with them, but they
haven't impacted on these issues, yet, and it's really important to deal
in concretes. Also, Obama's like the bible. He's made ambiguous and
contradictory statements. We should use these to promote organization. In
time, people will disabuse themselves of their illusions that this
bourgeois government will meet their needs, but we need to carefully judge
our ideological responses according to the moment, to the state of the
movement, to the issues at hand and to the sui generis nature of having an
African American in office (i.e., not like Nader). Cynthia McKinney is an
exceptional example of this art of politics.


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Join Obama House Parties to Build the Peace Movement!
Sat./Sun. Dec. 13-14

This weekend in Chicago, UFPJ will be holding our 4th National Assembly. 
Our primary aim is to assess how we can most effectively put an end to the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and forward the work of the peace movement in
this very new political climate.  Much discussion has already taken place
that acknowledges what an exciting time it is with the election of the
first African-American president and with millions of people infused with
a sense of hope for change.

This is also, of course, a scary time with the ever-deepening economic
crisis and millions facing layoffs, loss of health care, house
foreclosures, and huge losses of retirement savings. We know that all of
this is inextricably linked to the huge cost of the wars we are engaged in
and the massive military budget.  We must now make the links between all
these issues.

The economy, the domestic crisis and the war are still forefront in the
minds of the millions of people who became activists in the Obama
campaign.  We are in a unique moment where we in the peace and justice
movement can reach out to these newfound activists to become part of our
movement making it much stronger and broader than it has ever been.

President-elect Obama has said, "I am asking you to believe not just in my
ability to bring about real change in Washington.... I am asking you to
believe in yours."  On Dec. 13 and 14, Obama is calling for Change is
Coming House Parties for people to plan how to bring change to Washington
and to their communities.

This is an incredible opportunity for us in the peace movement to talk to
folks who most probably agree with us but don't know about how to plug
into the movement that already exists.  If you are a member of an
organization, what better way to reach out to potential new members.  If
you are not a member of an organization, this is a great way to meet
like-minded neighbors, to network, and to think about what can be done at
this very local grassroots level (and maybe even form a neighborhood peace
and justice committee.)

There are hundreds of parties happening all over.  Click here to find one
in your neighborhood!  Invite people who you meet to sign up with UFPJ at
www.unitedforpeace.org so that we can build a bigger broader peace and
justice movement! And let us know how it goes by sending an email to
ufpjnyc at unitedforpeace.org.

Leslie Kielson
NYC-UFPJ Coordinator

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