[Marxism] UFPJ: Join Obama House Parties to Build the Peace Movement!

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 08:05:35 MST 2008

I've been invited to some of the house parties but doubt they'll be
any way to address anything there.  Whites in this area
disproportionately did not support Obama and all but one of the house
parties I've heard of around here are being sponsored by whites.  So I
see this is the usual white liberals having a holiday nog, telling
Sarah Palin jokes, and slapping each other on the back about how they
vanquished Bush-ism.

I wouldn't begrudge them, but I have way too many things on my plate
as it is and am essentially interested in independent movements for

However, Dayne's implication that only straw men "say that the way to
build a movement is to attack the Democrats and Obama supporters who
might want to help" makes me wonder if we're on the same list.  Some
of the past posts have been quite clear that Obama is THE choice of
the ruling class (as though it didn't give the voters two options and
wouldn't be quite content with McCain), that Obama is THE REAL DANGER,
etc., etc., etc.  Attacking Obama is the key, the litmus test.

All of which, I think, puts the cart before the horse....

The election of Obama and the Democratic ticket may be many things,
but it is certainly symptomatic of the level at which American
politics operate.  It reflects a consciousness that must be elevated,
largely by conditions and experience.

Any input we have in this is going to be very marginal, at best, and
should focus on what we need to do is get those boots on the street.
THAT is where our focus needs to be.


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