[Marxism] Marc Cooper: a true Annenbergian

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 10 14:57:42 MST 2008

Nice commentary, Louis, explaining the background to the place
from which Cooper burnishes his credentials as a journalist as
he bashes all of his former allegiances. It's so tiresome today
to see ex-leftoids like Cooper following that familiar rite of
passage: moving over toward the right. He's not become 100%
rightist, however. He supported Obama and not any of the other
Democrats who ran against Obama in the Democratic primary, but
as to Latin America where he was once a "revolutionary" by his
own lights, he's become a boring, predictable red-baiter today.

Cooper's attack on Cuba is getting a decent run for its money
at the Mother Jones website, in the discussion area, with lots
of postings, pro and con:

Compare Cooper's current offerings with the younger Cooper here:
Marc Cooper: Cuba at 25 (LA Weekly, 1984)

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