[Marxism] note from Cindy Sheehan,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 18:31:47 MST 2008

Eli, being from San Francisco, I can tell you that ANSWER is not the end 
and be all of the anti-war movement and INCLUDING ANSWER, it is 
S-M-A-L-L. ANSWER has been great. I have not big, big problems with what 
ANSWER does. It has moved away for the sloganitis of years past, works 
really, really well with other groups now and, just on a personal bases 
they are, well, more personable. Really.

But ANSWER itself is not anywhere close to being THE anti-war movement 
are particularly big or particularly representative of the kind of 
coalitions that were around the first year or so the war, or in 1991/92 
or certainly not the in 80s. That is going to take an effort that will 
transcend all the "movements" we have today.

To the point, Cindy didn't refer to UfPJ did she? I didn't see it in the 
report Mark posted. I may of missed it. What she noted, that is 100% 
correct, is that there is no "national Peace Movement".  For that she is 
right. ANSWER's good work not withstanding.


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