[Marxism] Total defeat for U.S. in Iraq?

Ron J rjacobs3625 at charter.net
Thu Dec 11 10:54:14 MST 2008

If one looks at the SOFA, there is a loophole that P. Cockburn and others have ignored.  I quote it below with a few comments-
ron jacobs

If you read 
>  From Article 27: (this section allows a loophole that could allow the US to 
saty as long as it is "requested" to do so by its client government in 
Iraq.  The ambiguiy is intentional and means that if the Green Zone iraqi 
government feels it is threatened, then it can ask the US to stay and/or send in 
more troops. 
>  . To that end, the Parties agree as follows: 
>  In the event of any external or internal threat or aggression against Iraq 
that would violate its sovereignty, political independence, or territorial 
integrity, waters, airspace, its democratic system or its elected institutions, 
and upon request by the Government of Iraq, the Parties shall immediately 
initiate strategic deliberations and, as may be mutually agreed, the United 
States shall take appropriate measures, including diplomatic, economic, or 
military measures, or any other measure, to deter such a threat. 
>  The Parties agree to continue close cooperation in strengthening and 
maintaining military and security institutions and democratic political 
institutions in Iraq, including, as may be mutually agreed, cooperation in 
training, equipping, and arming the Iraqi Security Forces, in order to combat 
domestic and international terrorism and outlaw groups, upon request by the 
Government of Iraq 
>  and while less relevant, but potentially a way for the US to renege: 
>  --from 
>  1. This Agreement shall be effective for a period of three years, unless 
terminated sooner 
>  by either Party pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Article. 
>  2. This Agreement shall be amended only with the official agreement of the 
Parties in 
>  writing and in accordance with the constitutional procedures in effect in 
both countries. 
>  3. This Agreement shall terminate one year after a Party provides written 
notification to 
>  the other Party to that effect. 

---- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote: 

(I hope that Patrick Cockburn is right, but somehow I have trouble 
imagining the U.S. pulling out lock, stock and barrel. This would leave 
a Shiite bloc consisting of Iraq and Iran with control over a huge 
portion of the world's oil resources. Of course, a more astute foreign 
policy would have always recognized that any Iraqi government would have 
been willing to do business with the West in the same manner as Saudi 
Arabia or any other Mideast country considered "friendly")

Counterpunch, December 11, 2008
It's All Spelled Out in Unpublicized Agreement
Total Defeat for U.S. in Iraq

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