[Marxism] Auto bailout fails for now in Senate over demands for immediate wage, benefit cuts

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Dec 12 00:13:48 MST 2008

The Republicans get to play the hard cop role here comfortably because of
their role today, which they have no idea how to change at this point or
whether to change it, as the white man's party. 

Involved here is not just Detroit as the center of the auto industry, but
the auto industry as the employer of tens of thousands of Black workers, and
Detroit as a Black city. The whole thing being the polar opposite of the
"real America," the small towns where dwelleth the "hard-working" salt of
the earth.

Now the Democrats have to go to the UAW and sadly explain that the only way
to save the industry and some of their jobs is to take sharper cuts now.
The UAW officials do not reject cuts -- they have already endorsed the idea,
but they wanted more time to put them over. 

I don't know whether the idea of Dan LaBotz of an auto worker convergence in
Washington to demand that the "rescue" of the industry not be taken out of
their flesh has gone anywhere, but that is a very uphill battle indeed. 

The attack on the workers in the name of saving the industry is thoroughly
bipartisan and includes virtually all the liberal Democrats), not just the
so-called "center-right"). The white party takes naturally to the hard-cop
role, with the composition of the auto workers and the Evil nature of
Detroit as pitches to the "base," while the Democrats can keep going to the
union officials and telling them that they must give more to put it over.

The composition of the new Congress may introduce a few variations in the
dance steps, but the hard-cop, soft-cop game will continue. The only thing
that can bust it up is a new wave of resistance from a union membership that
has been in retreat for a long time, and whose top officials fear struggle
more than anything else.
Fred Feldman

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