[Marxism] Nationalism threatens Brazil's regional interests

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 14:40:43 MST 2008

This is where class struggle slips its tail into the mess.

Even though some on this list may think that what follows is a delirium.

Wherever you read "Brazil" in what follows, please read "the
Sao-Paulo-oligarchy-dominated state of Brazil". Not the same thing.

During the whole age of Vargas, that is between 1930 and 1964, the
policies of Brazil towards its Spanish speaking neighboring countries
was quite different, indeed.  And they confronted the strongest
opposition of this oligarchy -and the US Embassy, of course. There is
a book by Moniz Bandeira, "Presenca dos Estados Unidos no Brasil",
which shows some of these issues.

It has always been a British policy in South America to present
"Brazil" as a dangerous sub-imperialism, which equates more or less
with presenting Prussia to the remaining German states and
micro-states as sub-imperialist in 1860 -which, if I am not wrong, was
also attempted, correct me German speaking cdes. on this list, please.

What we are witnessing is the desire of this "bandeirante" bourgeoisie
to extend the treatment it gives to the poorest regions in Brazil to
the weakest countries in South America.

Not an easy thing to see, of course.

Particularly when British-manufactured mist blurs the whole thing.

2008/12/13 Fred Fuentes <fred.fuentes at gmail.com>:
> Nationalism threatens Brazil's regional interests
> Raymond Colitt. Reuters. December 12, 2008
> http://www.reuters.com/article/reutersEdge/idUSTRE4BB55Y20081212
> Brazil's center-left government for long hoped that the new generation of
> socialist leaders in South America would help it emerge as the dominant
> regional power by challenging U.S. influence.
> Instead, Brazil's own political and economic interests in South America are
> being challenged by a wave of economic nationalism in the countries it has
> courted as allies.
> Ecuador's threat to default on a Brazilian loan and its earlier


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