[Marxism] Nationalism threatens Brazil's regional interests

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The Sao Paulo oligarchy of Brazil as opposed to exactly what?  The Fair Deal 
bourgeoisie of Brazil?

We've argued this before: describing the current bourgeoisie of Brazil as 
either/or, a Sao Paulo oligarchy and the bandeirante is ahistorical and 
fundamentally mistaken-- mistaken in that it takes no account of the actual 
evolution of Sao Paulo as the most "advanced" capitalists in Brazil; it 
takes no account of the real power swapping that went on in Brazil between 
the Paulistas and the Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais before Vargas; and 
it takes no account of the fundamental changes in Brazil since the period of 
the Vargas, which, by the way ended in 1954, not 1964 with his suicide.

Vargas indeed was opposed by the Sao Paulo elite which endorsed a "liberal" 
capitalist ideology as opposed to Vargas' corporate capitalist ideology. 
Vargas' also faced opposition from those same "poorest regions," the 
Northeast of Brazil that Nestor thinks only the Paulistas exploited.  In the 
Northeast it was the landlords in control of the federal government that 
blocked Vargas' lieutenants attempts at corporate social justice.  Those 
landowners in the Northeast formed a true oligarchy.  The Paulistas did not.

The Vargas government was intent upon centralizing authority and social, 
economic power in Brazil in order to promote industrialization without 
triggering labor upheavals.  Toward that end, Vargas' Estado Novo was an 
alliance of the military, the government bureaucracy, and that very 
self-same Paulista industrial bourgeoisie, after their defeat by Vargas in 
the "revolution" of 1933-- that self-same Paulista bourgeoisie that Nester 
thinks of as the anti-Vargas.

I could go on with this, but I'm sure Nestor is much too busy to respond to 
any of this, so I suggest that list members check into the real history of 
Brazil themselves. Robert M. Levine's The Vargas Regime: The Critical Years, 
1934-1938, has good info, as do the Cambridge University Press series on the 
history of  Latin America and Brazil.

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> This is where class struggle slips its tail into the mess.
> Even though some on this list may think that what follows is a delirium.
> Wherever you read "Brazil" in what follows, please read "the
> Sao-Paulo-oligarchy-dominated state of Brazil". Not the same thing.
> During the whole age of Vargas, that is between 1930 and 1964, the
> policies of Brazil towards its Spanish speaking neighboring countries
> was quite different, indeed.  And they confronted the strongest
> opposition of this oligarchy -and the US Embassy, of course. There is
> a book by Moniz Bandeira, "Presenca dos Estados Unidos no Brasil",
> which shows some of these issues.

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