[Marxism] Of victory and victories

Shacht at aol.com Shacht at aol.com
Sat Dec 13 15:25:10 MST 2008

The Chicago occuption was an example of "class against class" a challenge  to 
the ownership interest of direct capital and an indictment of finance  
capital. It may have been nascent in form, but it reflects a significant CHANGE  in 
the approach of working class opposition. That's what makes it dialectical.  
But the problem that detracts from it as a complete success is the sudden  
appearance of the local congressional Democrat as the focus - in the media  
reports - of settlement negotiations at the end. And there the tendencyi is to  
thurst the movement back into the channels of bourgeois politics and away from  
class action. This is a phenomenon we will encounter again and  again.
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