[Marxism] An interesting pick for Obama's Energy S'cty,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 20:42:16 MST 2008

Well of course the alternative is keep your mouth shut and say nothing. 
Quite honestly, I don't care if carbon emissions are lowered under 
capitalism or socialism, they need to be lowered.  The idea that we 
don't want to discuss the "use energy under capitalism" smacks of the 
most ultra-leftist abstentionist world view I can think. I can only 
imagine what you think of discussing the US gov't funding of AIDs 
programs. Daniel De Leon anyone?

I'm really not concerned with his actual policy...he will do what Obama 
wants, I suppose. It's the level of discussion and ideas raised are 
important, not to mention R & D, which wouldn't really much exist 
without gov't grants and the like.

If you are not ready to comment on government policy, you shouldn't be 
discussing anything...


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