[Marxism] An interesting pick for Obama's Energy S'cty,

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 13 21:00:04 MST 2008

>I'm really not concerned with his actual policy...he will do what Obama
>wants, I suppose. It's the level of discussion and ideas raised are
>important, not to mention R & D, which wouldn't really much exist
>without gov't grants and the like.
>If you are not ready to comment on government policy, you shouldn't be
>discussing anything...

My interest is in struggles against all form of corporate pollution, 
from coal-related acid rain to the toxic byproducts of nuclear power. 
Your interest seems to be entirely unrelated to struggle and reminds 
me of the approach of policy wonks as I tried to point out. It also 
frankly smacks of Spiked-online.  I find it rather bizarre that you 
would post anything about Obama's appointee for Secretary of Energy 
as if this is going to amount to anything in a period of deep 
environmental crisis. The NY Times reported just the other week that 
the business slump will make it next to impossible to address climate 
change. I have a feeling that your interest in this topic is somehow 
related to your Homer Simpson type job. You should stick to donuts 
and leave the wonkery to the Thomas Friedmans of the world. 

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