[Marxism] Of victory and victories

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 23:04:30 MST 2008

Interesting, this discussion of a "Chicago congressman."

For those of you wondering, the reason he doesn't have a name is because
he's a spic.

He's also the only spic at that level of government for many hundreds of
miles around.

Try to wrap your head around this: Luis Gutierrez is the ONLY voice Latinos
in the Midwest have at the federal government level.

He's not a particularly good voice -- not even as Latino Democrats go. But
he has this advantage over all the OTHER Latino congressmen from the
Midwest. He exists.

And, no, he didn't jump in at the last minute. He's been relating to the
community and its issues for a long time. And I saw him in the first
Univision report on this sit-down last weekend.

See, to most comrades on this list & the left he's a "Democratic"
congressman. To the Latino community, he is "OUR" congressman. The only
Latino one in that part of the country. And yeah, he's slimy and all that,
but if there's going to be a big activity in the community, an immigrant
rights protest or conference or  anything else like that, he's going to be
there. And the white congresscritters ain't going to be there. Nor are the
Black ones. And he speaks Spanish. 

And, you know, he's not even Mexican or Chicano or anything like that. He's
Puerto Rican. But he's taken the time to identify himself with the Latino
community as a whole and its issues. Fort his own entirely opportunist
political reasons, or despite his extremely limited piecemeal reform
political outlook, take your pick. It amounts to the same thing. 

So sure, comrades, charge in there and tell the spics, your congressman
sucks, you're better off without one.


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