[Marxism] NYT on Eastwood's GRAN TORINO: Hope for a Racist, and Maybe a Country

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Dec 14 08:07:57 MST 2008

Walter wrote:
>Saw this terrific new movie yesterday which just opened on Friday 
>here in Los Angeles. Eastwood plays an almost-stereotypically-drawn 
>curmudgeonly old racist auto-worker who is compelled by unwelcome 
>demographic shifts in his neighborhood, along with a certain innate 
>humanity buried under a life of regret for his role as a killer 
>during the Korean War, to confront his own racism and to ultimately 
>stand up for the rights of some of his new Detroit neighbors, Hmong refugees.

This is a horrible flick that I literally leaped from my chair to 
wrest from my DVD player the day before yesterday. I will have more 
to say about this year's duds after I have had a chance to go through 
the pile that the studios sent me. You might as well call this movie 
"Crash 2" since it is filled with the same liberal pieties as the 
movie that Walter recommended to the list. Don't waste 11 dollars 
unless you enjoy sitting through a bunch of poorly written, poorly acted crap. 

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