[Marxism] LA TIMES bash-o-rama: 'Milk' start Sean Penn: Pal of anti-gay dictators?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 14 14:46:33 MST 2008

While the death penalty remains on the books in Cuba, it is almost NEVER
applied. It was last applied five years ago to three hijackers at the
height of a series of hijack attempts in 2003. The Cuban government had
said there were over two DOZEN hijack conspiracies which it had stopped.
The executions served to put an end to hijackings, which have never after
that recurred. Before that, it was last applied in a prominent circumstance
way back in 1989.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
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The Cuban penal code has been revised to remove some of the worst aspects 
of the antihomo provisions of the code, though not all, as I explained 
in those exchanges. E.g., the death penalty remains in cases where, even 
the in the U.S., thanks to our neanderthal Supreme Court, it does not exist.

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