[Marxism] LA TIMES bash-o-rama: 'Milk' star Sean Penn: Pal of anti-gay dictators?

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy mqduck at sonic.net
Mon Dec 15 22:17:15 MST 2008

Sorry for replying so late.

Shane Mage wrote:
> When I was growing up the forerunners of "McCarthyism" (now-forgotten  
> figures like Westbrook Pegler, Martin Dies, Walter Winchell...) were  
> screaming endlessly that "Leftist Subversion" was being financed by  
> Moscow Gold and politically directed by the Kremlin and that therefore  
> leftist political groups were "conspiracies" that were to be  
> suppressed in defense of "democracy."  Their position was no less  
> justified in relation to USA-1940 than Walter's is in relation to  
> Cuba-2008.

IF it was true that organizations were being funded by the Soviet Union 
in order to destabilize the United States government (which there might 
have been some truth to) and IF it was a dangerous threat to the 
dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, THEN yes, it was entirely "justified" 
to suppress those groups - a suppression I, as an ally of the 
proletariat, would have thoroughly opposed.

I'm no master scholar of Marxism, but I thought this was pretty basic stuff.

Human: An animal so lost in loathing contemplation of what it thinks it 
is as to overlook what it ought to be.

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