[Marxism] Fidel Castro: The Unjustifiable Destruction Of The Environment

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Introductory note JUVENTUD REBELDE's website:
The leader of the Cuban Revolution affirms that 
recent news concerning this issue is not encouraging.
The Unjustifiable Destruction Of The Environment
Reflection by Fidel Castro Ruz


Can capitalist society avoid it? News about this issue are far
from encouraging. The project to be submitted for approval on
December next year in Copenhagen, where the new Convention that will
replace Kyoto’s will be discussed and approved, is being currently
analyzed at Poznan.

The Commission in charge of the drafting of this project is presided
over by Al Gore, ex presidential candidate of the United States, who
was fraudulently defeated by Bush in the elections of 2001. Those who
are drafting the project are pinning all their hopes on Barack Obama
as if he could change the course of history.

An enlightening example comes from Canada.

An article published by BBC World entitled “Canada's Black Gold Oil
Rush” points out that “the total area currently being mined is 420
Km2 , while the overall area that the Alberta government has leased
to oil companies is 64 919 Km2. The area of exploitable reserves is
140 200 Km2 - about the size of Florida.

“From the air, the strip mines have transformed the forest into a
moonscape of craters and lakes, with smoke stacks pumping out
billowing clouds. All this in a remote part of northern Alberta.”

Further on, the article continues: “...There are three major players
at the moment - Suncor, Syncrude and a consortium led by Shell - but
more foreign investors and consortiums have piled in.

“...the lack of government action means not enough is being done
about the cumulative effects on the environment.

“...an investigation by the Alberta Cancer Board is due to be
published soon.

“Earlier this year, 500 ducks died after landing on a tailings pond
run by Syncrude...A government investigation is ongoing. Whatever the
results, it seems the pace of opposition to the oil sands is

According to the Spanish daily “El País”, “... the estimates made by
the dependent agency of the OECD (Organization for Economic and
Cooperation and Development) are based on the predictions made by the
IMF which point to a steady recovery of the global economy as from
the second semester of the year 2009, when the world’s oil production
will reach 86.3 million barrels per day.”

That same Spanish newspaper announces that “the director of the
Department on Climate Change of China wants to state very clearly
that Beijing would only limit its emissions in exchange for lots of
investments and patents for clean technologies. His signature is
indispensable so that all 187 countries gathered at the Polish city
could move on to the adoption of a protocol that could replace that
of 1997. Obama is causing a twenty years delay in the struggle
against climate change.”

Another wire service from the agency NOTIMEX, dated on December 13,
explains that “...the colossal fraud in Wall Street carried out by
Bernard L. Madoff, ex chief of the firm Nasdaq, is causing losses in
Spain amounting to millions”, according to an article published today
by the newspaper “Expansión”, specialized in economic issues.

“...This Friday, one of the biggest scandals in Wall Street”
–continues the wire service- “has been exposed after the ex chief of
Nasdaq, Bernard L. Madoff, was arrested for having taken part in a
fraud with an investment fund that could amount to 50 billion

“...Madoff, ex founding president of the Nasdaq Stock Market, was
arrested on Thursday evening after his own son reported to the
federal authorities that his father was part of what he called ‘a
huge pyramidal fraud’.”

“...Based on this scheme, only the first investors would obtain
dividends from their investments, leaving all of the rest with losses
that, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in New York, could
amount to the aforementioned figure.”

Another news published by Reuters on the same date stated that:
“...President-elect Barack Obama is considering a plan to boost the
recession-hit US economy that could be far larger than previous
estimates”, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

“...Obama aides, who were considering a half-trillion dollar package
two weeks ago, now consider $600 billion –a year- over two years “a
very low-end estimate,” the newspaper said,

“...The final size of the stimulus is expected to be $1 trillion over
that period, given the deteriorating state of the US economy.

“...Officials with Obama's camp have declined to comment on media
reports about the size of the boost that the Democrat will launch
once he takes office as President of the United States on January

The picture appears to be even gloomier after the news by several
press agencies reporting all sorts of problems, ranging from the
bankruptcy of the automotive industry as a result of the crisis, up
to the natural disasters, including the increasing cost of
foodstuffs, starvation, war, and many other facts.

The problem is that there is no more habitable space on our planet.
The only one left was Australia, and the United Kingdom took hold of
it on January 19, 1788. There’s been a long time since the
environment is compromised.

¿Could our species surmount that barrier?

Fidel Castro Ruz

December 15, 2008

6:12 p.m.

     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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