[Marxism] Ecosocialist Declaration - Please Sign

Ian Angus ecosocialism at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:58:11 MST 2008

Dear comrades:

The drafting subcommittee elected at last year's Ecosocialist
Conference in Paris has completed its work. A final draft, taking into
account many comments we received from around the world, has been
posted at http://www.ecosocialistnetwork.org/

We decided to title it "The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration" rather
than the "Second Ecosocialist Manifesto." This reflects many
suggestions that a true "Manifesto" should be more comprehensive and
authoritative. This is an initial statement, not the final word!

We hope to distribute it, in at least English and Portuguese, at the
Belem Social Forum in January.

We would like to include as many signatories as possible. If you agree
with the analysis and political perspectives in the declaration (not
necessarily every point or phrase!) and are willing to have your name
appear as a signatory, please email your name and country of residence
as soon as possible.

Thank you --

Ian Angus
for the drafting commitee
Ian Angus, Danielle Follett, Joel Kovel, Michael Lowy

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