[Marxism] Obama defines himself

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Wed Dec 17 11:49:32 MST 2008

Energy: a nuclear whore.  Agriculture: an ethanol huckster.  Interior:  
an "energy independence" driller.

With every appointment Obama completes the picture sketched in by the  
Oblabla campaign--a complete opportunist in thrall to big capital.   
There is absolutely no reason to think that McCain would have been any  
worse.  The "Left"--that preponderant part of it which defaced itself  
with scoffing and slander against Ralph Nader in order to eat the  
donkey shit falling from the Dumbocratic parade--can pride itself on  
one more, brand new, rack of horns.

(NYTIMES, 17/12)

"As Mr. Obama introduced Mr. Salazar andTom Vilsack, the former Iowa  
governor tapped to be secretary of agriculture, at a press conference  
Wednesday in Chicago, he said their responsibility would be to balance  
the protection of farms and public lands against the need to find new  
sources of energy.

“It’s time for a new kind of leadership in Washington that’s committed  
to using our lands in a responsible way to benefit all our families,”  
Mr. Obama said. “That means ensuring that even as we are promoting  
development where it makes sense, we are also fulfilling our  
obligation to protect our national treasures.”

Mr. Salazar, wearing his customary ten-gallon hat and string tie, said  
that his job entails helping the nation address climate changethrough  
a “moon shot” on energy independence. But that would include not just  
the development of “green” energy sources like wind power, but also  
the continued domestic development of coal, oil and natural gas,  
fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gases when they are burned.

Environmental advocates offered mixed reviews of Mr. Salazar, 53, a  
first-term Democratic senator who served as head of Colorado’s natural  
resources department and as the state’s attorney general. Mr. Salazar  
was not the first choice of environmentalists, who openly pushed the  
appointment of Representative Raul Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona, who  
has a strong record as a conservationist.

Oil and mining interests praised Mr. Salazar’s performance as a state  
official and as a senator, saying that he was not doctrinaire about  
the use of public lands. “Nothing in his record suggests he’s an  
ideologue,” said Luke Popovich, spokesman for the National Mining  
Association. “Here’s a man who understands the issues, is open-minded  
and can see at least two sides of an issue.”

Mr. Popovich noted approvingly that Mr. Salazar had tried to engineer  
a deal in the Senate allowing mining companies and others to reclaim  
abandoned mines without fear of lawsuits. (The legislation is  
pending.) He has also supported robust research on technology to  
reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants,  
something the coal industry favors.

He also backed a compromise that would let oil companies drill for  
natural gas in limited parts of the Roan Plateau in northwestern  
Colorado, a plan that most environmental advocates opposed...

...Marc Smith, executive director of the Independent Petroleum  
Association of Mountain States, said in a statement that Mr. Salazar  
understood that energy security can be achieved only by making use of  
all domestic energy sources, including those found on and under public  

Shane Mage

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