[Marxism] Reality catches up with the catastrophists

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Maybe, but that doesn't make the quality of  IDOM analysis any better.  This 
is a terrible and terribly superficial analysis-- it's as if they, the IDOM, 
despite all their "collapse-mongering" are now trying to catch up to the 
actual events by describing them, rather than teasing them apart to find the 
unitary basis, the source for the actual events.

"The dizzying rise of stock market prices bore no relation to the real 
situation"??? Of course it did, otherwise you're right back into the old 
"the problem is credit" argument.  The rise in stock prices starting with 
the recovery of the 2001-2002-2203 recession was absolutely based on 
restoring profitability to capitalism, and most importantly, restoring 
profitability to the manufacturing sector.

"The second phase" is the real economy?  Sorry, the "real" economy was the 
source of the rise in stock prices and their collapse, particularly, again, 
in the important manufacturing sector.

I don't recall anyone stating that the crisis would be confined to the US. 
Certainly the Europeans didn't argue that-- not with Northern Rock.  There 
were some who argued Asia might escape the worst of it, and that China would 
be the big thumb in the big hole in the big dyke-- but that was a wish and a 
prayer, not a generally accepted view.

And then IDOM goes right back into the old "underconsumption" theory of 
capitalism, as opposed to overproduction, --"The ability to find markets is 
limited by the limited consumption of society"?  No.  Actually the ability 
to expand markets is limited by the profitability of production.  The 
consumption limits of society are determined by the overall success capital 
has in maintaining a sufficient profitability to support reproduction.

Anyway, I could go on and on-- and probably will.  Later.

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