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City Room - Blogging From the Five Boroughs
December 17, 2008, 12:19 pm
At M.T.A. Hearing, Another Shoe Almost Dropped
By William Neuman

Updated, 2:24 p.m. | One transit rider was so infuriated on Wednesday by 
the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s decision to slash service 
and raise fares that he tried to follow the example set by Muntader 
al-Zaidi, the 29-year-old Iraqi journalist who hurled two shoes at 
President Bush on Sunday.

The rider, Stephen A. Millies, who identified himself as an Amtrak 
worker with the Bail Out the People campaign, was one of about two dozen 
people who addressed the authority’s board during a public speaking 
period at the start of the Midtown meeting where the budget vote was held.

“This budget ought to be thrown in the garbage can,” Mr. Millies said. 
He railed against the fare increase and for good measure spoke out 
against home foreclosures. Then, referring to the M.T.A.’s chief 
executive, who was sitting about 15 feet away, he shouted: “Where is 
Elliot Sander? You made $300,000 last year!”

According to a witness, Mr. Millies then slipped off one of his shoes 
and began to bend down to pick it up, saying “this shoe is for you.” 
Authority police officers immediately swarmed around Mr. Millies and 
hustled him out of the board room and onto an elevator, where he could 
be heard shouting “I didn’t do anything.” Moments later he was seen in 
handcuffs, being escorted from the building.

The authority said that Mr. Millies, 54, of Jackson Heights, Queens, was 
given a summons for disorderly conduct and released. A spokesman for the 
authority, Jeremy Soffin, said that Mr. Millies wore a size 10½ shoe 
made by the Red Wing company.

Bill Morange, the authority’s security director, was standing beside the 
speaker’s podium and was one of the first to grab Mr. Millies. He said 
the shoes looked like boat shoes or topsiders.

“You can say anything you want,” Mr. Morange said. “Just don’t throw 
your shoes.”

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