[Marxism] New School in NYC being OCCUPIED (?)

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Ian Chinich sent a message to the members of Campus Antiwar Network.

Subject: New School Building Occupied

I am currently sitting inside a barricaded room with a large number of
students at the New School.  The students have occupied the building
and are refusing to leave until their demands are met.  They want the
resignation of the director of L-3 Communications from their board of
governors in addition to stopping tuition increases, and divulging
investment information.

We need support.  We need food... we need media support... we need
help spreading the word... we need you to occupy your schools and your
work places...  A number of students from other schools in the area
have come to help us hold this space.

So far the police have not forced their way in..... security has
padlocked the fire escape to prevent more of us from getting in...a
security guard attempted to enter over our barricades in the front to
listen in but he was surrounded...... we are holding our ground and we
are holding out.... we shall see what happens in the morning...

Come to 14th street and 5th ave..... NOW!!!!...

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