[Marxism] Anti-abortion homophobe Rick Warren to deliver invocation at inauguration

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 18 07:56:40 MST 2008

David Thorstad wrote:
> I'll watch what oinker Warren says, but don't give a shit either. But 
> why the fuss about which sky pilot does the blabbering instead of 
> protesting the very fact that a religious plea/blessing ("invocation") 
> is allowed? Just one more feature of our pervasive/invasive theocracy.
> A proud atheist homosexual who did not vote for Our Savior

But this is *not* about a prayer. It is about a political agenda. Obama 
is trying to co-opt Evangelicals to help shore up his DLC agenda. That 
is why he appeared in a debate at Warren's church and came out with 
clinkers such as this:

WARREN: What's the most significant position you held ten years ago that 
you no longer hold today, that you flipped on, you changed on, because 
you actually see it differently?

OBAMA: Because I actually changed my mind.

WARREN: You changed your mind. Exactly.

OBAMA: Well, you know, I -- I'm trying to think back ten years ago. I 
think that a good example would be the issue of welfare reform, where I 
always believed that welfare had to be changed. I was much more 
concerned ten years ago when President Clinton initially signed the bill 
that this could have disastrous results. I worked in the Illinois 
legislature to make sure that we were providing child care and health 
care, other support services for the women who were going to be kicked 
off the roles after a certain time.

It had -- it worked better than, I think, a lot of people anticipated. 
And, you know, one of the things that I am absolutely convinced of is 
that we have to work as a centerpiece of any social policy.

full: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0808/16/se.02.html

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