[Marxism] Castro offers to exchange dissidents for 'Cuban 5'

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Dec 18 18:55:29 MST 2008

Please read my email - I stated in that email it was reported by the Associated Press - not the Cuban government.
Unlike what your email implied - I am very interested in what Raoul Castro and the Cuban leadership might possibly say on this.  However, I do not really care what the U. S. government says - since their words mean little and I only await their action, not words, to release the five innocent Cuban men, now unjustly held in U. S. mainland jails.
One of my other points was, IF this report should have some substance and I do not trust Associated Press integrity - except as a mouthpiece for the U. S. capitalist government - why this trade would be a mistake in my opinion to trade the Cuban five, who should just be released, since they  are innocent of the charges - and then I stated why I thought it was wrong to force people to leave a nation, etc.
Since you admitted in earlier emails that the Cuban government had made mistakes in the past, what are you complaining about?  Or are you now stating that we can not have opinions and beliefs on issues and events and must only wait for the Cuban government to issue their views on this - before we may dare comment?  When you say I should wait a moment - can I assume you really mean until the Cuban government releases in its press their statement on this (no matter if Raoul decides not to commnet, because of possible diplomatic negotiating to secure the release of the Cuban 5 with a new U. S. president?)
Can I assume that you would, as I expressed in that email, also be opposed to forced exile for family members that was reported in that AP Story.  My assumption (and hope) is that the Cuban government would offer this only as an option and no one be forced to leave a country. With all you have reported this past year, on the new government policies, it would seem likely to me, that they would not follow the wrong policies of the late 1970's, in that nation, that I stated?
If a person in one of these families wanted to stay in Cuba - I assume you and I agree they should be allowed to.
And therefore it makes sense the family be allowed to.  Finally, we have a new Cuban leader and I hope you consider that even I may be open to positive changes when they occur.  But I remain of different opinion than you, from your emails this past year - on how great the changes have been for the average Cuban. There have been changes - some good, (others around planned economic issues have not been good news IMHO) - but can not I disagree that the good changes that have occurrred are NOT enough, to solve the problems?
Finally, I would prefer that I am wrong on some of my current beliefs and concerns around the Cuban government and the people who live on that island nation and that your glowing optimism and deep passionate belief was correct on everything the Cuban leadership has done and is doing and plans to do. If you are correct - then it will make it easier for me and many others to convince more people of why socialism in practice does work on that island nation, against the capitalist model of exploitation and destruction - rather than what has existed, that I have to keep dealing with, before we can all together move forward.  I assume you want us ALL to move forward.
In solidarity,
John O'Briem 
> Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 17:22:38 -0500> From: walterlx at earthlink.net> Subject: Re: [Marxism] Castro offers to exchange dissidents for 'Cuban 5'> To: causecollector at msn.com> > The reports have just come out today, and John O´Brien, not> waiting to see what the Cubn President has to say from the> the Cuban media, or what Washington has to say in response > to what was reported in the press, leaps up to attack the> Cuban government. > > O´Brien´s approach is drearily familiar since for O´brien, > attacking the Cuban government is his starting point. > > Actually, it would be better to wait a moment before one> makes pronouncements without having a chance to look at> all of the facts in the situation.> > > Walter Lippmann> Havana, Cuba>

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