[Marxism] Anti-abortion homophobe to deliver invocation at inauguration, (and also re: Why Third Way politics refuses to die)

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy mqduck at sonic.net
Thu Dec 18 20:58:53 MST 2008

Fred Feldman wrote:
> But "this will wake up the liberals"! What a bizarre strategic objective for
> revolutionaries today! Is that what all the Obama-foamic posts have been
> about? It has seemed so, because the central theme seemed to be not that
> Obama is an imperialist politician who serves the interests of imperialism,
> but proving that he is not a liberal but a right-winger who is fooling the
> poor liberals (center-right being the term of art, since it is also the
> Republicans' self-description -- Bush would consider it an accolade).
> But Obama is a liberal. And that's a good description of what is wrong with
> him. There is nothing about occupying Afghanistan or keeping troops in Iran,
> if possible, that defines someone as a non-liberal or anti-liberal. The
> Clintons ARE liberals. So were both Roosevelts, Wilson, Truman, Kennedy,
> Carter and Johnson.
> Although I think Obama is a full member in good standing of the liberal
> imperialist heritage and establishment in this country, I think the
> conception that Obama is "Clinton's third term" is a fantasy. A fantasy also
> apparently governed by the strategic goal of "waking up the liberals" and
> winning them to socialism or at least third-partyism through exposes of
> Obama's supposed rightism.

Well this is why we have to frame the issue to our friends and neighbors 
tactfully. Don't say "Obama lies when he calls himself a liberal", say 
"liberalism lies when it says it's against imperialism". They're not 
likely to agree, but the point is that we can help prepare them to open 
their eyes when finally pushed enough to do so. When something happens 
that finally leaves them disillusioned and confused, something no amount 
or quality of rhetoric can bring about, looking to make sense of things, 
we should have provided them with a path of logic to follow instead.

I may very well be wrong (please say so if I am), but it seems to me 
that becoming a radical requires a certain psychological break with 
one's past world view, a sort of revolutionary rather than evolutionary 


Human: An animal so lost in loathing contemplation of what it thinks it 
is as to overlook what it ought to be.

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