[Marxism] a tale of the murder of two teenagers

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 02:11:02 MST 2008

Item 1. The family of the 15-year-old boy shot dead by police in Melbourne
have condemned the force's actions as appalling and heavy-handed. Tyler
Cassidy was shot and killed by three officers in a Melbourne park on
Thursday night after allegedly threatening to kill them.

Item 2. On Saturday 6th of December at around 10pm, two Greek policemen were
[on] patrol in a central street by Exarchia square, in the center of Athens.
They had a verbal argument with some young people who were there. During the
argument, one of the cops pulled his gun and shot a 16-year-old guy twice.
The victim was moved to Evangelismos Hospital [where he died]. According to
eye-witnesses, the cop had been swearing against the young man, showing his
genitals, before shooting him.

 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has reportedly described Afghanistan as a "God
forsaken country" during his recent visit there.  Rudd, a fundamentalist
Christian who is generally in the religious closet as befits the leader of a
genuinely secular nation, nevertheless felt it necessary to invoke the
divine when describing Afghanistan.  However if he was looking for the
godforsaken he would have done better to look to the mote in his own eye.

In Melbourne the police force once more executed someone who was clearly
mentally disturbed.  This apparently is the 42nd execution by Victoria's
best and brightest police officers.

However unlike in Greece when a quite similar murder was carried out,
Australia did not rise up in protest.  The slaughter of the mentally ill is
nothing at all new here.  Australians seem to be able to take the deaths in
their stride.  Now that is what I would describe as "godforsaken"

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