[Marxism] Jonathan Cook - Bush's Parting Gift to Israel

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Tel Aviv has long  seen itself as a military ally of the US, largely sharing 
and assisting in the  realization of Washington’s strategic objectives. But it 
has also prized a  degree of independence, especially the right to pursue its 
own agenda in the  Middle East. 
For some time,  the key point of difference between the two has been over the 
benefits of  “stability.” US planners have promoted regional calm as a way 
of maintaining  American control over the flow of oil. In practice, this has 
meant keeping the  Arab peoples, and Arab nationalism, in check by bolstering 
reliable  dictators. 
In contrast,  Israel has preferred instability, believing that weak and 
fractious neighbours  can be more easily manipulated. A series of invasions of 
Lebanon to accentuate  ethnic divisions there and the fueling of civil war in the 
occupied Palestinian  territories have been the template for Israel’s wider 
regional  vision. 
The  implicit tension in the  Israeli-US alliance surfaced with the 
ascendance under President George W. Bush  of the neocons, who argued that Washington’s 
agenda should be synonymous with  Israel’s. The US occupation and 
dismemberment of Iraq was the apotheosis of the  White House’s application of the Israeli 
full  --    _http://www.jkcook.net/Articles2/0353.htm#Top_ 

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