[Marxism] "no 'credit crunch'" The real crisis is in the realeconomy

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The source of this info is a study done by an economist for the Minneapolis 
Federal Reserve, published in Oct 2008, and is based on flow of funds 
figures before the Lehman bankruptcy.

Look at those figures again in the flow of funds report issued by the Fed on 
Dec 11 that includes data from after Lehman bankruptcy-- what a difference a 
day, and a quarter, makes.

The author of the paper provides his own hedge when he states only 20% of 
non-financial debt is held by banks.  Indeed.  But the issue is not 
non-financial debt; its the ability of banks and financial institutions to 
parse the available profits, divert some of the revenue stream to 
themselves-- after 2002, the banks concentrated on mortgage instruments--  
attacking the 'v' portion of capitalist reproduction.  Declining rates of 
profit for US industries triggered another burst of "securitization" in late 
2006, 2007 that produced the sub-prime implosion.

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