[Marxism] The Great Harlem Debate on Obama

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 15:02:18 MST 2008

I  am desperately late packing for a holiday by the sea. But took time out
to listen to Ford and I am glad I did. This was a very good talk and a brave
one too.  Ford writes better than he talks but nevertheless his clarity
around the Obama question is so refreshing given the rearguarding around the
President-elect that has been going on even on this list of all places.
Everywhere I go I find liberals who are besotted with Obama.  They so want
to believe in him, the tooth fairy, Santa - the works. I swear I will vomit
over the next person who says "Yes we can".

I especially liked this statement from Ford:

"I've got to admit that I sometimes get totally lost in the ill-logic that
makes Obama good for Black people AND good for thieving bankers AND good for
war criminals - *all at the same time*! "
A new Year beckons and it looks like class struggle will be breaking out all
over the globe.  My hope for the list is that it will do its bit and that
includes putting pressure on Obama and his right wing cohort. Sure there
will be an emotional outburst around a Black man in the White House, but
very soon the kissing will have to stop and above all clarity will be what
is needed.

And to the lister (you know who) who is about to try and piss on this post
by saying nobody reads this list and it doesn't matter, I say do not
bother.  If nobody reads the list and it doesn't matter why bother trying to
keep on saying that.
Of course the list matters and let us hope that its influence continues to

comradely greetings


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