[Marxism] National Assembly call for March 21 is important positive step

Ron J rjacobs3625 at charter.net
Sat Dec 20 10:28:51 MST 2008

I'm curious about a couple things here.  Why should a person explaining 
imperialism not use the word?  That's kind of like explaining sex 
without using the names of the anatomical parts involved.  The other 
thing is--what is this so-called anti-neocon philosophy that conquered 
Counteprunch.  As a regular contributor to Counterpunch, I think that 
the site/journal is one of the few left sites that does not act as if 
the problem is the neocons and not the rest of the Wall St./Washington 
complex.  In fact, while much of the US left was going gaga over Obama 
and his neoliberal crusade, Counterpunch was consistently writing about 
how his politics were not about change, but about maintaining the 
Empire's status quo.  Also, what exactly is a far-left liberal?  My 
understanding of those terms has always been that liberals and far left 
have little, if nothing, in common.
-ron jacobs

> On Dec 20, 2008, at 6:35 AM, Fred Feldman wrote:
>> It is hard to explain why people should oppose Afghanistan without  
>> either explaining imperialism (which can be done without using the  
>> word) or slipping toward isolationist myths of an "America" that  
>> does not need to care about what happens in far-off countries.
>> This was the "anti-neocon" philosophy which gained a lot of ground  
>> on the left (conquering Counterpunch, for instance, and forming the  
>> basis for the  far libertarian right-far left liberal coalition  
>> that drives all of the magazine's core political positions.
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