[Marxism] The liberal uproar over Rick Warren

Shacht at aol.com Shacht at aol.com
Sat Dec 20 17:52:09 MST 2008

Well, perhaps Obama shoulds search for a cleric elsewhere, since convention  
calls for an invocation of God as opposed to some other muse. Perhaps Father  
Hegarty one of the IWW founders. Or Amon Hennacy. Or the Red Dean of 
Canterbury.  Or the more prolific "Bad Bishop" William Montgomery Brown of Galen, Ohio, 
 author of "The Bankruptcy of Christian Supernaturalism" and publisher of the 
 quarterly "Heresy" from the late twenties into the thirties. Self-described 
as a  Bishopus of Bolshevikiam et Infidelium, Brown enjoined his parishoners 
to Read  Lenin on Imperialism and Stalin (who else) on the National Question. 
"What is  the final religion and politics?" he asked. "Marxian Communism."
The problem is that no prelate of such predilictions is likely to be found  
these days as the traditions from which they sprang have been forgotten. They  
shouldn't be.
At any event, why such surprise, umbrage or shock at the selection of  
Warren? Obama is just solidifying his own form of United Front. At one point in  the 
thirties Earl Browder was willing to embrace the Catholic Church! But that  
was some years before Daily Worker editor Louis Budenz after once leading back  
to work movements against miners striking in violation of the No Strike 
Pledge  walked across 13th Street and went back to the church - en route to being a 
HUAC  stoolie.
All this Warren stuff is a tempest in a teapot on which radicals should not  
be wasting their effort.
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