[Marxism] the liberal uproar over Warren

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Dec 20 21:46:27 MST 2008

Louis wrote:

Sorry. I thought that reaching out to the Christian Right and 
attacking gays amounted to the same thing. I guess I misunderstood 
Proposition 8.

[Quoting me-FF]
>Unless Louis is operating with an extremist conception that Obama is an
>ultrarightist or fascist, it is hard to see this as anything more than a
>description for the position as imperialist president and commander in
>for which he applied.

Now, you know as well as I do that this is Walter Lippmann's patented 
explanation. He should sue you for intellectual property theft.

Fred comments:
Well I stand by what I said, and I think that nothing Louis said responds to
the points I made. Simply a typical combination of quickly composed denial,
wisecracks, with the unique list institution of Lippmann-baiting (no more
progressive, though much more trivial, than any other form of baiting)
thrown in for spice.

This is Louis's right under the Constitution and even under the rules of the
list. Despite what he sometimes argues, noone on the list is actually
obliged to engage with the arguments of others. Some of us do it sometimes,
and sometimes we don't. This time Louis didn't.

People who want to see more fully the political position I took on the
Warren matter, which actually comes through clearly in the post Louis
misrepresents (I'm agin it, naturally), should go to:

Also those who want to see Joaquin's excellent critique of Obama's
appointments and general course, a contribution which has tended to be
treated -- merely because of the lack of the obligatory Obama-foamic tone --
as nothing more than a "Obamatronic" paean to the incoming president:


By the way, I know I am over my five-post limit today. On the other hand, I
I have had a lot of quieter days lately. I tend to think it all averages out
in the end, but I write with awareness of the limit.

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