[Marxism] Hentoff: Obama and the CIA

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"...the much publicized Guantanamo detainees "represent
fewer than 1 percent" of the thousands of prisoners held beyond the
rule of law (by the Bush administration)."

Who guards the guardians?
CIA oversight and terrorist interrogations

by Nat Hentoff

Washington Times, December 15

[photo: CIA Director Michael V. Hayden, who is gaining support from the
intelligence community to continue in his post in the Obama
administration, met Tuesday with the president-elect in Chicago. The
Obama transition team Friday declined to comment.]

Our next president assures us that he will increase oversight of the
CIA's methods of detaining and interrogating terrorism suspects in its
"black sites." Does that mean the CIA can keep stocking those secret
cells with ghost prisoners? If so, how transparent will this oversight
by Congress and our federal courts be?

Will Obama administration oversight let us know who's being held and
by what American rules of law? Will the Geneva Conventions, embedded
in one of our laws, be the standard for interrogations? And will the
Bush administration rule continue that whatever "alternative
interrogation methods" are allowed must be kept secret lest terrorists
be trained to deal with them?
. . .

Under Mr. Obama, will the CIA continue to have some of the special
powers President Bush continually authorized? On Dec. 3, 12 retired
generals representing three dozen retired military officers met with
the president-elect's transition team to, as The Washington Post
reported, "plead for a clean, unequivocal break with the Bush
administration's interrogation, detention and rendition (kidnapping
suspects to be tortured in other countries) policies." ...

But an Obama adviser on intelligence policies, Roger Cressey, a
counterterrorism official in both the Clinton and Bush
administrations, echoes a number of other Obama advisers: "He's going
to take a very centrist approach to these issues. Whenever an
administration swings too far on the spectrum left or right, we end up
getting ourselves in deep trouble." ...
. . .
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