[Marxism] Madoff Strikes Powerful Blows for Social Justice!

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Mon Dec 22 15:55:50 MST 2008

By James Petras  - 
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 In a few days, one individual,  Bernard Madoff, has struck a bigger blow 
against global financial capital, Wall  Street and the US Zionist 
Lobby/Israel-First Agenda than the entire US and  European left combined over the past half 
century!  He has been more  successful in reducing vast wealth disparities in 
New York than all the white,  black, Christian and Jewish, reform and mainline 
Democratic and Republican  governors and Mayors over the past two centuries.  
Some right-wing conspiracy theorists are  claiming that Bernie is a secret 
Islamic-Palestinian agent (from Hamas) who set  out to deliberately undermine 
the financial base of the Jewish State of Israel  and its most powerful, 
affluent and generous US backers and foundations.   Others claim that he is a closet 
Marxist whose swindles were carefully designed  to discredit Wall Street and 
to funnel billions into clandestine radical  organizations – after all… does 
anyone know where the lost billions have  gone?  Unlike the leftist pundits, 
bloggers and protest marchers, whose  earnest and public activities have had no 
effect on the rich and powerful,  Madoff has aimed his blows where it hurts 
the most: Their mega-bank accounts,  their confidence in the capitalist system, 
their self-esteem and, yes, even  their cardiac well-being.    
full  ----      _http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article21507.htm_ 

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