[Marxism] "It's called downward harmonization"

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Mon Dec 22 18:40:28 MST 2008

Foreign Automakers Choose Southern States Because They Most Resemble  
the Third World.
Last in Income, Education, Health Care, Poverty, Mortality, Social  
Services, Nutrition and Intelligence Foreign Investors Flock to  
Exploit Stupidity and Gullibility of the South.
“Fuck, the Shiteating Crackers in My Godforsaken State if They Aren’t  
Fucking Smart or Courageous Enough to Look Out for Their Own Self- 
Interest Like The Big Money Boys. They’re Too Chicken Shit to Vote  
Fucking Union,” Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala. Reassures Foreign  

The Assassinated Press

Foreign automakers now account for well over 40% to 50% of the auto  
making jobs in the country, with most of their factories and jobs  
located in the southern states for one big obvious reason: The work  
force is a bunch of ignorant, easily exploited and cowardly  

“Bare foot and pregnant, that’s how we fucking like them on the shop  
floor. Dumb as doorposts ,” declared Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. “I know  
the southern cracker mind if you can even call it a mind. You tell  
the fuck he’s better off than some peasant beaner in Guatemala or  
send his stinkin’ ass to fight a war in some relative backwater like  
Afghanistan and he comes home thinking $12.00 bucks an hour and  
football and Southern comfort on weekends if he don’t gotta pull no  
asswipe overtime free double shift as fucking Nirvana. He’s the ideal  
victim for the new Global economy—hard up and stupid.”

“And fuck, they even paid for their own jobs through their goddamn  
taxes. When you figure in how fucked up and impoverished every aspect  
of life is around here, it becomes obvious they will never earn back  
in salaries and social services what they paid in taxes to relocate  
the foreign automakers,” said Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn. “Dupes, dopes,  
both. Depends how you think about people so willing to be victimized  
by their betters. Who live in in the part of America that’s just a  
cunt hair from becoming a backwater the U.S. has been fucking  
pounding on for 200 years like the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua or  
even Haiti.”

“We don’t give a shit about shifting jobs to the South,” continued  
Shelby. “In the long term we don’t even give a shit about the UAW.  
Our goal is too make all of America a shithole for most so it can be  
a paradise for the fucking few. Its called downward harmonization and  
what you’re seeing now is a process started 40 years ago and greatly  
accelerated by so-called free trade agreements or, as we like to call  
them in the kleptocracy, long hot pokers up the ass of the world’s  

“All you fucks in the rest of the country have to do is trust in god  
and your betters the way southerners have for centuries. Trust that  
the rich folk won’t fuck the poor. Southerners have a long history of  
doing this usually invoked as tradition and, as a consequence of  
giving up their freedom and self-reliance are in the vanguard of  
moving America toward a future of impoverishment for the many and the  
enrichment of the few.”

"Now, lets bow our heads and pray to Jesus those heathen kamikaze's  
at Toyota or those Nazi's at BMW won't fuck us."

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