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Tue Dec 23 04:27:12 MST 2008

Referring to a previous discussion about the Vietnam War, when it "ended," 
and the impact of the single-issue Mobilization--- NB "..shared a belief in 
1972 that the war could still be won."

National Security Archive Update, December 23, 2008

"We can bomb the bejesus out of them all over North Vietnam."

Archive Publishes Treasure Trove of Kissinger Telephone Conversations

Comprehensive Collection of Kissinger "Telcons" Provides Inside View of 
Government Decision-Making;

Reveals Candid talks with Presidents, Foreign Leaders, Journalists, and 
Power-brokers during Nixon-Ford Years

For more information contact: William Burr/Thomas Blanton - 202/994-7000


Washington, DC, December 23, 2008 - Amidst a massive bombing campaign over 
North Vietnam, Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon candidly shared their 
evident satisfaction at the "shock treatment" of American B-52s, according 
to a declassified transcript of their telephone conversation published for 
the first time today by the National Security Archive. "They dropped a 
million pounds of bombs," Kissinger briefed Nixon. "A million pounds of 
bombs," Nixon exclaimed. "Goddamn, that must have been a good strike."

The conversation, secretly recorded by both Kissinger and Nixon without the 
other's knowledge, reveals that the President and his national security 
advisor shared a belief in 1972 that the war could still be won. "That shock 
treatment [is] cracking them," Nixon declared. "I tell you the thing to do 
is pour it in there every place we can... just bomb the hell out of them." 
Kissinger optimistically predicted that, if the South Vietnamese government 
didn't collapse, the U.S. would eventually prevail: "I mean if as a country 
we keep our nerves, we are going to make it." 

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