[Marxism] Why Gay Marriage is [not] the Wrong Issue

rohanger at yahoo.com.au rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Tue Dec 23 06:30:42 MST 2008

Sure, Warren opposes gay marriage. But that does not make him 
antigay. I and many other same-sexers also oppose gay marriage, and in 
my case I oppose all marriage. It's a lousy institution and the gay 
movement is wrongheaded to be pushing for it, just as it is for trying 
to get into the imperialist military and the pass hate crimes laws.
I read this as a kind of doctrinaire gay / left social enclave politics - reminiscent of 1970's separatist feminism.  David is welcome to have his own views about how ALL gays should live and what activism they should be involved in.  Just don't expect me to take seriously the idea that gay rights are conditional to anti-mainstream lifestyle choices and that socially engineering "left acceptable" outcomes is achievable or even desirable.
Opposing marriage *generally* isn't noble, nor marxist - it's just stupid ultraleftism.  I laughed and laughed when I read, "I oppose all marriage".  One might just as well say, "I oppose sleeping in," or "I oppose chocolate."
I would like to know if David is consistant and supports Turkey's prohibition of the 'head scarf'?

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