[Marxism] Senate details torture system - so what?

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Empire Burlesque - Chris Floyd
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[The report] was released in this manner precisely to ensure that  "it will 
not get much play." It will almost certainly be no more than a one-day  story; 
indeed, even on its one day, it has been obscured by the Blagojevich  brouhaha 
and the failure of the auto bailout.

Here is the bottom line: No one who has in any position of real  power is 
going to be punished for these outrages. Not even Rumsfeld; his "fall  guy" role 
will be confined to being a lightning rod for bad PR, for awhile,  before an 
inevitable, Nixon-like "rehabilitation" somewhere down the line.  (Maybe Obama 
will appoint him to some blue-ribbon "bipartisan" commission on  some weighty 
matter.) Cole also expresses this wan hope:

But if I were Rumsfeld and Bush, I'd avoid a  lot of travel abroad from now 
on. Some zealous prosecutor might have them  arrested, as happened to  "Gen. 
Augusto Pinochet, who was charged in  Spain and arrested in Britain (though he 
was released to Chile, he had been in  danger of being extradited to Spain).

This is not going to happen either. Pinochet was the retired dictator  of a 
small state with no global heft at all. Bush and Rumsfeld are deeply  
entrenched figures in the American power system. No American president -- that  is to 
say, no temporary manager of that power system -- is going to allow such  
figures to be arrested or prosecuted by any foreign government. That is a  childish 
fantasy, a pipe dream. It is simply not going to happen in this  universe -- 
not unless we ever manage to effect genuine change -- instead of  bipartisan 
"continuity" -- in the American power system. 

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