[Marxism] Senate details torture system - so what?

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 12:04:35 MST 2008

I would love to share Joaquin´s POV.

However, even though his support and knowledge of all that took place
in the Southern Cone during the second half of the 70s is widely
known, Henry Kissinger can travel wherever his whim takes him to,
which is more than enough as a clear signal on what will happen with
Bush or Rumsfeld. Their peculiarly roguish and idiotic behavior will
not be enough for them to suffer any serious indictment. That´s the
privilege of Emperors and their entourage.

We have a Global Star Chamber, this is what we have.

2008/12/23, Joaquin Bustelo <jbustelo at gmail.com>:
> This comment by Chris Floyd was reposted to the list:
> "This is not going to happen either. Pinochet was the retired dictator of a
> small state with no global heft at all. Bush and Rumsfeld are deeply
> entrenched figures in the American power system. No American president --
> that is to say, no temporary manager of that power system -- is going to
> allow such figures to be arrested or prosecuted by any foreign government.
> That is a childish fantasy, a pipe dream. "
> Floyd was responding to this point by Joan Cole: "But if I were Rumsfeld and
> Bush, I'd avoid a lot of travel abroad from now on. Some zealous prosecutor
> might have them arrested, as happened to  Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who was
> charged in Spain and arrested in Britain (though he was released to Chile,
> he had been in danger of being extradited to Spain)."
> *  *  *
> I think that Chris Floyd's comment, while it may faithfully reflect the
> hubris of the imperialists, doesn't accurately address matters.
> Torture is a crime against humanity, and as such, subject to universal
> jurisdiction. It is not necessarily a matter for government policy, which a
> U.S. administration may want to and be able to influence, but precisely what
> Cole says: "some zealous prosecutor" in Canada, Spain, Belgium or another
> country that has legally recognized universal jurisdiction, i.e., the
> competence of its courts in trying crimes against humanity.
> The basis for universal jurisdiction is implicit in the category of crimes
> against humanity, because these are defined as such grave outrages against
> human dignity that the entire human race must be considered the victim. For
> this reason neither statutes of limitations, pardons, amnesties, nor laws
> defining territorial jurisdiction apply.
> So while I'm certainly not holding my breath waiting for a Judge Garzón to
> put handcuffs on Rumsfeld, the possibility should not be completely
> discounted.
> Joaquin
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