[Marxism] Why Gay Marriage is the wrong issue

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Tue Dec 23 12:10:37 MST 2008

...This was also the time when the party told comrades not to have  
children or
get married. 10 years later, nearly every SWP leader was getting  
married and
having kids...

Dan Russell wrote:

<Wow, I've always been put off by left-sects since they remind me too  
much of
my parents' religious cult, but this parallel is one of the most  
despite the fact that I don't want kids.>

During the 1990's I lived a somewhat hermetic existence in an  
isolated cabin "off the grid" in northern new york, devoting myself  
to two hours of yoga and meditation daily for several years. Later I  
taught yoga classes at SUNY Potsdam. During my extreme yoga kick, I  
took a few workshops at Kripalu, another cult. They had been an  
ashram in the 70's before kicking out the resident guru/deity for  
sleeping around with the women while simultaneously proclaiming the  
advantages of celibacy for spiritual advancement. Then they saw they  
could make money off of yoga, so now the former ashram is a new age  
yoga center. Anyway, the guru, a charismatic Indian fellow named  
Guradev, would give all the devotees sanskrit names and even went so  
far as to select marriage partners for those who were not willing to  
accept vows of celibacy.

It seems that all these cults, regardless of ideology, share an  
interest in extreme regulation of the sexual practices of their members.

Greg McDonald

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