[Marxism] Why Gay Marriage is the Wrong Issue

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Tue Dec 23 13:37:43 MST 2008

<This was also the time when the party told comrades not to have children or
get married. 10 years later, nearly every SWP leader was getting married and
having kids.>

Dan Russell:
Wow, I've always been put off by left-sects since they remind me too much of
my parents' religious cult, but this parallel is one of the most chilling,
despite the fact that I don't want kids.
Could you please elaborate on this Louis, because I get the impression you enage in hyperbole from time to time when it comes to the SWP.
"The Party told comrades not to have children or get married"
Well, this can be interpreted in a milder form, as in: "The Party promoted a culture that tended to be dismissive of marriage and parenthood as not the done thing." ***  Or in an extreme form: "The Party imposed a groupthink discipline that made getting married and having children completely unaccaptable."  I should point out here that I think both are bad - but of the two only the latter resembles the kind of mind control that goes on in religious cults.  I suspect that with the SWP the situation was closer to former interpretation rather than the latter, because otherwise Lou's statement above would be impossible.
As an aside, not long after I joined the DSP (Australia) I found out - to my astonishment - that the DSP had at some time back in the past proscribed the personal consumption of marijuanna in any circumstance.  The explanation given for this was the police / security threat, but I think the real concern was the "work ethic" implications.
*** Keep in mind that organisations that have a "norm of activity" of devoting something like 80%+ of one's waking life to Party activism are automatically not going to be enthuisatic about child raising responsibilities.

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