[Marxism] Why Gay Marriage is the Wrong Issue

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 23 13:56:13 MST 2008

rohanger at yahoo.com.au wrote:
> Me:
> Could you please elaborate on this Louis, because I get the impression you enage in hyperbole from time to time when it comes to the SWP.

Mostly it was peer pressure. As I tried to explain in commentary on 
Chris Harman's article, the Trotskyist movement does not rely on 
expulsions, etc. to keep people in line. Mostly it is about exploiting 
what Freud called the super-ego, although I am no Freudian. A sense of 
"duty" will make you do all sorts of fucked up things, like convincing 
yourself that the objective political situation is rotten-ripe for 
revolution in 1979, no less.

In terms of marriage, etc., I remember back in 1972 when a couple of 
comrades wanted to use the headquarters for a wedding ceremony. They 
were a working-class couple who had never been near a campus. When the 
younger comrades found out about this, they talked about it as if the 
two were going to work in the police department.

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