[Marxism] Meszaros's list of conditions pointing toward structural crisis

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Tue Dec 23 14:39:28 MST 2008

As meltdown unfolds, some observations to consider on structural as v 
cyclical/episodic crisis:

Meszaros's list of conditions pointing toward structural crisis, as 
viewed back in 1995 - and NB the last sentence (Beyond Capital, p. 692). 
And in case this looks like someone's wild guess, I recommend reading 
this book, plus his sequel published in Sept. 08:

"1. The internal social/economic contradictions of 'advanced' capital 
manifesting in increasingly more lopsided development under the direct 
or indirect control of  the 'military-industrial complex' and the system 
of transnational corporations;

2. The social, economic and political contradictions of postcapitalist 
society, both internally and in relation to one another, leading to 
their disintegration and thereby to the intensification of the 
structural crisis of the global capital system;

3. The increasing rivalries, tensions and contradictions among the 
leading capitalist countries, both within the various regional systems 
and among them, putting enormous strain on the established institutional 
framework (from the European Community to the International Monetary 
System) and foreshadowing the spectre of a devastating trade war;

4. The growing difficulties of maintaining the established postcolonial 
system of domination (from Iran to Africa and from South East Asia to 
Central and Southern America), coupled with the contradictions generated 
within the 'metropolitan' countries through the production units 
established and managed by 'expatriate' capital.

As we can see, in all four categories - each of which stands for a 
multiplicity of contradictions - the tendency is the intensification and 
not the decrease of the existing antagonisms. Furthermore, the severity 
of the crisis is underlined by effectively confining the intervention to 
the sphere of effects, making it prohibitively difficult to tackle their 
causes, thanks to the earlier mentioned 'circularity' of capital's civil 
society/political state through which the established power relations 
tend to reproduce themselves in all their surface transformations."

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