[Marxism] WSJ's O'Grady frets:

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 15:18:17 MST 2008

Hi Walter. Well, the issue of Mexico's restored good relations with 
Cuba, unfortunately (well fortunately, actually, see below), pales in 
compirson with internal Mexican domestic issues. Obviously, 
O'Grady-the-Village-Dolt is concerned here about the recent Summit and 
internal issues such as exists in Mexico are secondary to the subject.

Where O'Grady and the WSJ are VERY happy is that Mexico is proceeding 
along in milling it's working class into fine dust while selling out 
it's "Patrimony" to US oil companies with the "Reform" of PEMEX. In 
Mexico, this outweighs *any* positive relationship with Cuba; it becomes 
a thoroughly tertiary issue for the illegitimate PAN government. This is 
actually a "good thing". Why? Because under previous PRI regimes, of 
course, the government could use it's existing relationship with Cuba as 
a small left-cover for anything it did internally.

I doubt, too, Mexico is going to play an sort of 'intergrationist' role 
vis-a-vis Latin America for both political and geographic reasons.


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